Please Welcome Our Guild!

These fine folks offer very useful products and services.  While they are their own entities, we have teamed up to bring you the best for your Mosin-Nagant!

Howling Raven Parts!

Aftermarket parts including 10 round magazine extensions and muzzle brakes!

Kafer's Kleaning Kits!

Original, unissued Mosin cleaning kits!


Brass Stacker Accessories!

From sight mounts to bayonet handles, these folks have some very unique products!


C&R Surplus Spring Slack Springs and Striker Springs!

Attack the slack!  Give your Mosin-Nagant a two-stage trigger pull, and use the striker spring to improve strikes and trigger feel!

Note:  This is for archive use only.  Clyde's website is down and he's out of business until further notice.

Mountain State Supply Reproduction Slings!

Leather or canvas, they've got it!

Elby's Sight Pushers!

Easily adjust your Mosin's sights!

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