Instructional Videos 

Here you will find instructional videos.  The list will grow as I make agreements with the authors!

A few will exit to YouTube while the majority are imbedded.

I am Wabatuckian and SmithSights on YouTube.  Feel free to distribute my videos if you find them useful.  Please speak with the other authors before using their videos.

Hunter's Sight Package

$ 50.00 USD

Christmas Sale! Normally $60.

A fully adjustable Hunter's Red/Classic Target combination sight plus the Basic Improvement Kit

These are my two most popular products. As with most of my products, these do not require permanent changes to your rifle or carbine.

My Mosin: Smith-Sights Research and Prototyping


I've not done a vid in a while, so I figured I'd post these pictures of R&D and prototypes. 
Please remember that many of these pictures are of items that are not yet completed and therefore are not blued or polished yet.

Smith-Sights Solution: Mosin Bolt Camming Surfaces

By Smith-Sights

PLEASE FORGIVE THE MESS!  This was my first long instructional video, done on a whim, and I'd been looking for things prior to filming.  Quite a mess and doesn't look professional.

The Mosin Nagant M91/30, a Short Documentary

By IronSideFilms

A school project for his AP history class, he turned out a documentary better than many you find on The History Channel! 

Mosin Nagant Accuracy and Precision: My Setup and Random Targets

By Smith-Sights

Mosin Bolt Features

by Smith-Sights

Feed Tuning the Mosin-Nagant

By Smith-Sights

Mosin Cheap Stripper Clip Fix

By Smith-Sights

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